Sabrine Saadmalek, also known as SabrineCat (Rotterdam, 1990), is a young entrepreneur and self-made business woman, who thrives and inspires on social media. Growing up as a Moroccan in the cosmopolitan city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, she gathered her first notable following by sharing pictures of wonderfully done curls for her own inspiration. At the time she did not wear a headscarf and tried out different hair styles. It wasn’t until certain transformative events in her life that made her revisit her spiritual and religious side. As a trained doctor’s assistant, she was trying out new ideas for wearing her headscarf, sharing her carefully crafted new folds with her friends online. The feedback from her peers and followers was overwhelming and SabrineCat was born. She started making time lapses of her make-up tutorials and “how-to” videos of her authentic folds, inspiring other women to find alternative ways of expressing their selves.

Sabrine sets herself apart in the way that she rises above the stereotypes and assumptions about what it means to be a woman in the 21st century simply by living her life the way she wants it and showing it on a daily basis.
Sabrines long term goal with sharing her life, style and travel is to inspire women all over the world to live their best lives and express their selves unapologetically .


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